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Cougar Alert!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

sexy courtney cox hottie

The term “cougar” refers to women of a certain age whose intent it is to pursue much younger men. And nowadays, nothing quite says cougar like Courteney Cox Arquette. This former Friends actress now stars in a saucy and raunchy new show entitled Cougartown. What’s the show about? It’s about older women fucking younger studs. Courteney Cox plays a suburban MILF who develops a thing for one (or two) of her son’s seventeen-year-old friends.

sexy courtney cox nude

Courteney Cox  had this to say  about being a cougar, “I’ve been blazing that trail for ten years now. My husband David is much younger than me and I think it’s great to be a cougar.” There is a seventeen year age gap between Courteney Cox and her much younger husband David Arquette.

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